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STASTO in Czech Republic gets AAA-rating

According to strict criteria of stability, this award was given only 100 companies in the Czech Republic. STASTO received the highest award - a AAA Rating!

Founding STASTO Slovenien

founding of STASTO Slovenia

In April 2015 STASTO AVTOMATIKA d.o.o. based in Slovenia was founded.


Innovative company fleet of 16 electric vehicles of the latest generation

STASTO pays attention to be gently to the environment and the nature. This is the start of an environmental offense.

STASTO coax greenline

80% less energy consumption with solenoid valves of the series green line®

The series green line has been specifically designed as an energy-efficient solenoid valve series. Therefore direct acting standard valves of STASTO/Müller co-ax are coupled with a completely newly developed, patented control electronics.

STASTO Speedline

compressed air distribution - easy and fast

With the new SPEEDLINE series STASTO offers a compressed air line system, where the installation is a child's play.

STASTO butterfly valve

butterfly valves for high requirements

STASTO offers a new, wider range of butterfly valves.
Now technical requirements can be fulfilled, which were not possible earlier.


easy and clear.
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Made in Europe

Made in Europe
the awareness about the effects of regional networking.